seaside avenue house

seaside, florida


The sites fronting Seaside Avenue were originally imagined to house bed and breakfast boarding houses.  In the early 80's it was hard to envision that buyers would by expensive lots to build large private vacation homes for an individual family.  No one could have predicted the demand for large homes and excesses that followed a few years later.

This residence was completed in 1994 and is prominently located at the corner of Seaside Avenue and Forest Street addressing each street differently.  A formal colonnaded two-story porch faces Seaside Avenue, and semi-circular screen porch with a second story pergola helps turn the corner to Forest Street.

Stylistically, the 4,575 square foot, four bedroom house draws upon the Neo-Classical traditions of the South with a special consideration given to the semi-tropical environment of the Gulf Coast.  The main architectural feature of the interior is the rotunda, which rises from the first floor through the second floor and attic to climax in a circular lantern that crowns the roof of the house.