Purdum Residence


“Everywhere one looks, the dignity of old Florida is preserved.”

            Florida Architecture, 74th Edition


          The Purdum Residence is described as an elegant architectural masterpiece with an element of the casual.  It is relatively inornate and modest allowing the architecture and the picturesque views to capture the eye throughout the home.  The purity of the architecture is beautifully harmonized with the natural surround of the Gulf.

“The horizontal axis, comprised of the living room and formal dining room, is flanked by two wings. One wing contains the master suite, and the other is made up of the more informal areas – the library, the kitchen, family room, and a bath with an outdoor shower.  The guest bedrooms upstairs are self-contained so that guests may have their own private retreat.”  The ‘H’ shaped design allows the maximum utilization of the cool tropical breezes for ventilation while allowing maximum natural light.

 The in-austere residence is masterfully composed with care and handcrafted detail that gives this house a timeless charm and an old world warmth.