mission village


A beautiful 40-acre property of oaks and saw palmetto with a wetland in the northeast corner are carefully conserved in this traditional neighborhood development (TND) located west of I-75 and just south of SR-60 in Brandon.  A traditional main street leads one into the urban center of the village and to an urban water retention area configured as a public gathering space with mixed-use buildings defining the edges.  A drainage canal runs north to south through the middle of the site and creates a recreational pedestrian amenity that links the mixed-use urban section of the village on the west to the residential townhouses and flats on the east side.  The village includes approximately 41,000 sf of commercial space, 142,000 sf of office space, 7300 sf of civic space and 246 residential dwelling units in the village center.  The eastern half includes 223 residential dwelling units with 4200 sf of civic uses with a community center anchoring one edge of the wetland and retention pond.  The master plan is designed with a frontage road along its western edge as it eases the transition to Falkenburg Road, a high speed arterial connecting I-75, SR-60 and the Crosstown Expressway to the south.  The street network is a grid with small blocks that connect frequently to adjacent roads.