leeward etesian resort

Anguilla island

Located on Rendezvous Bay, on the south side of the northern Caribbean island of Anguilla, the Leeward Etesian Resort was commissioned to provide an alternative to the typical monolithic high-rise resort condominium or sprawling resort development. In an effort to minimize environmental and visual impact to the beachfront site, the Master Plan incorporates a mix of multi-family and single family residences in low-rise inn and cottage scaled buildings. Common amenities include a beachfront restaurant open to the public, a Medispa facility, a gathering area with pool, beach viewing deck and dune walkover, tennis courts, and an arrivals building containing a small market. Each single family residence may have a private pool and detached one-bedroom carriage house. Views of the water were of prime importance with the spectacular vista south toward Rendezvous Bay and the hills of St. Martin in the distance. Seeking a more compact, village-inspired design, this solution organizes all but two of the buildings around a central green preserve, creating a strong north-south axis with the Arrivals Building on one end and the gathering area on the other, nearest to the bay. As a result, all buildings facing the village green have shared ocean views of the sea beyond. Buildings and connecting boardwalks will be raised on timber piles and will not alter the natural site contours and drainage characteristics. The project aspires to LEED certification and will be constructed utilizing local craftsman building techniques. The project’s architectural style will reconnect and continue the island’s 300 year building tradition.