fishhawk ranch town center and aquatic center

bradenton, florida

FishHawk Ranch is a 3,918-acre property, a pre-dominantly residential conventional suburban development, located in Lithia, a rural area in southwest Hillsborough County, FL.  The program called for 40,000sf of commercial, 85,000sf of office, 225 apartments, 280 townhouses, and 931 single-family houses.  Our scheme places a traditional mixed-use town center at the crossroads of two main roads through the project area.  The street layout uses a rectangular orthogonal grid with two traditional main streets intersecting at a Market Square.  This square is the commercial center of the project, with a second square to the north (Jefferson Square), designed as the civic anchor of the town center.  A third anchor, an academic quadrangle, was designed to the southwest of the market to accommodate school, library and daycare facilities for the entire FishHawk Ranch community.  The remainder of the property is divided into 4 mixed-use traditional neighborhoods based on the 1/4 mile walking radius with smaller neighborhood centers for civic uses.