A1a cafe

Brandon, FLorida

Located in Brandon, Florida on a site full of grand live oaks, the requirements of building pad, parking, and retention pond created an environmental challenge. First, the retention was built as a structured pool under the building. Parking with permeable paving was woven in and out of the trees. Grades were kept close to their original state. New planting was done with native drought resistant vegetation. The building was raised up on pilings allowing water and breezes to flow under it. The building is ringed with wide porches providing shade to rows of doors that are opened up to provide cross ventilation to the large dining hall. The ceiling of the dining hall slopes up following the hipped roof shape to "attic" fans located in the cupola. The attic fans draw breezes in low across the porches and cooling the clientele as the warmer air rises up and is exhausted out. The elegance of the solutions in this restaurant is that they work in harmony to preserve a beautiful site, save on energy usage, protect water quality, and lend a romance to the dining experience.